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    8 steps of “How to Clean a Leather Jacket?”

    8 steps of How to Clean a Leather Jacket

    Taking care of your things is very important and difficult as well, to maintain them and to look after their appearance so that they will appear as fresh and new as it was before. Some things need extra care and it is an essential part of their possession. A leather jacket is as delicate and light as a silk cloth no matter if it appears cool, rough, or tough. Its cleaning and maintenance need attention or otherwise, it will be damaged and will be of no use to you.

    Women’s and men’s leather jacket is so trendy to wear, they can pair them up with anything and they will elevate their style but, it can be expensive getting them cleaned and maintaining them will also get you to spend a fortune on them, but don’t worry here are 8 steps that will guide you to clean a leather jacket.



    • Don’t let your leather clothing be in contact with moisture for long or continually with it. It can cause leather stuff to stiffen, before beginning to clean every area on your leather product, test the solution on a smaller, smaller section. Wait a few moments. Continue with the remainder of the item if you don’t detect any color distortion.
    • Don’t use harsh chemicals, such as laundry detergent, to clean your leather. Choose a substance that helps to keep the natural lubricating oils of the leather rather than removing them. The majority of cleaning chemicals available at the section and shoe shops are safe.
    • The finest cleaning solution for eliminating tough or greasy markings, stains, or odors is warm soapy water with baby shampoo or a comparable detergent. Before rinsing, apply baby shampoo to any greasy spots. Avoid using solutions that leave any kind of oil or residue. Residue can expose leather to microorganisms, causing it to discolor and ultimately tear down the stitching. Use a slightly wet cloth or a little brush to remove any surplus cleaning from the stitching.
    • To avoid stiffness, properly rinse off the soap/shampoo.
    • Leather is never supposed to be dried in direct sunlight since it destroys the leather and leads the hide to harden. Make care to clean and condition the leather before it dries. Avoid utilizing heat to dry leather (that is, it must air-dry), and always fill the garment while it’s drying to keep its form.
    • Do not place them at the bottom of your closet while storing your leather jacket instead, hang them up and keep them aired to prevent mold growth.

    Steps to Clean a Leather Jacket at Home:

    Here are the simplest and the most effective ways or steps you can follow to clean your leather jacket at home before going out and getting it done professionally. By following these steps you wouldn’t want a professional’s help and get it done by yourself easily.


     1. Wipe the dust off:

    A microfiber cloth would be the best to clean the dust off from the jacket and it can wipe off the dust without washing it off and without getting it wet which will stiffen the leather.

    Wipe the Dust off a Leather Jacket

     2. Soap and Water Solution:

    Take a container and fill it with water then put some detergent or soap solution in it and mix it properly, then take a soft piece of cloth and dip it in the solution and clean your jacket properly and lightly, don’t scrub it as it will tear it, be gentle with the cleaning.

    Clean Jacket with Soap

     3. Wipe with a Damp Cloth:

    Wipe your leather jacket with a damp cloth, clean the areas gently with the cloth, and don’t let it dry if it does you have to dip it inside a solution or water a few times.

    Clean Leather Jacket with Damp Cloth

     4. Dry with a Towel:

    After cleaning a leather jacket with the solution and the damp cloth, you should get a dry towel and pat the jacket. You shouldn’t put your leather jacket outside in the sun as its heat will damage the leather it is not a varsity jacket that will become dry in the heat also don’t put it inside a spinner, let it get dry naturally, and hang it in your closet.

    Dry Leather Jacket with Towel

     5. Stain Removal from a Leather Jacket with Saddle Soap:

    The leather jacket can be stained by multiple things such as liquid spills, food spills, oil, grease, ink, mold, etc. Don’t worry you can get it cleaned at your home, a saddle soap can help you get rid of the stain. You need to rub the soap on the surface and it will work but make sure the leather jacket’s layer isn’t too thin to make a tear in it.

    Removing Stain from Leather Jacket

     6. Toothpaste:

    Toothpaste is not only a good companion for your teeth it also helps in removing stains from multiple surfaces. Like leather jackets, you can use them on the stained area with the help of a fingertip and massage the area in a circular motion repeatedly. You will see a magical transition of the stain being removed, wipe the toothpaste after completing the process and let it dry.

    Clean a Leather Jacket from Toothpaste

     7. Use a Leather Cleanser:

    These are made especially for cleaning jackets. You can purchase it from the store and clean your leather jacket by using it, it will remove the stains and eliminate dirt from its surface.

    Clean a Jacket from Leather Cleanser

     8. Rubbing Alcohol:

    Rubbing alcohol has multiple benefits and for leather jackets cleaning them can help get rid of the mold growing on them. But do not put it directly on the leather as it can damage it, dilute the rubbing alcohol half-a-cup of rubbing alcohol with an equal amount of water and then clean your jacket with it.

    Clean a Jacket from Alcohol

    Final Verdict:

    You have to take very good care of your favorite leather jacket if you want it to be used again and again and look fresh as new, and for that, you need to follow these above-mentioned steps. Do that and all your leather jackets will be with you for as long as you want.

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