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    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions


    We have made specific, easy-to-understand terms and conditions by which you will be able to get the best quality products, whenever you want, we want our customers to be satisfied with our services. Our organization is no doubt producing and shipping genuine high-end products all across the world and with originality, taking care of our customer’s comfortableness and providing them the best services when they accept our terms and conditions that we have made with our utmost sincerity and priority for our customers.


    We would like to provide you with the best experience to you so we have designed our terms and conditions as the most safest and genuine. We will be asking everything openly and clearly with honesty and brevity so that you can understand and provide your personal information accordingly. You would have to give your details such as your name, contact, and, transaction details, so that we make sure our customers receive and submit payments on time and with a secure process.


    We have made the easiest and the safest payment method criteria for our customers as it is a very fragile part of all, but when you do shop from us you get the secure payment method as you can pay from your credit card and without any doubt we make sure your credentials won’t be shared with any illegal third party, you can trust us completely on this. You can also pay through online payment channels like PayPal, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. You can also pay COD (Cash on Delivery) when our courier reaches your doorstep.


    As we consider our customers as our number one importance and priority and we want them to be with us for a long time and enjoy their every visit and experience the best service from our website, we added for them the cancellation option, because so many times we make mistakes by choosing the wrong sizes or wrong colors and much more so given our customers a margin so that if they order something and want to cancel their order, they can do that within 24hrs of time starting from the time of placing the order.


    Our shipping policy is very simple, there is no hard and fast rule in this. You will have your desired products reach you in 10-20 business days. You can also get the information about your shipment, that’s how we use your address to facilitate you in all matters as you can track your order through your device and get the know-how of where your shipment is and how far it has come.