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    Top 10 Famous Cosplayers to Cosplay

    Top 10 Famous Cosplayers to Cosplay

    We live in a world where multiple cultures and ethnicities are present, which is represented in multiple ways through the showcase of traditions. The most effective way to identify yourself as someone is by your clothing or getup and their fashion, which sheds light on what you are portraying and who. Fashion has always been changing from time to time, people get influenced by multiple personalities from the world of television as well as online.

    There are multiple mediums from which you can get inspiration and get influenced by them, nowadays not only television but social media and gaming platforms also play a huge role in the cosplaying category where you get dressed and groom yourself up as a character like people wears leon kennedy jacket to transform themselves into Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil pretending to be him as they have liked this character to an extent that they want to look like him or at least pretend.


    Cosplaying has become a huge and impactful genre of dressing and it has a particular significance in the fashion world. Some people opted for cosplaying professionally and have exceeded in their careers. These people have made their way by working hard on their skills as well as in portraying the characters that they play. The following are the top 10 famous cosplayers to cosplay and in this blog, we will be finding them out and getting to know them.

     1. Jessica Nigri:

    Jessica Nigri is a cosplayer, glamour model, YouTuber, voice actor, and fan convention interview correspondent from New Zealand. She has been engaged in cosplaying and modeling since 2009. Jessica became an internet sensation and got famous when she cosplayed the sexy Pikachu. After this, she never looked back and gained popularity and worked for multiple services.

    Jessica showed her talented skills as she gave her voice to Cinder Fall in RWBY. Since 2012, she has served as an official spokesmodel for several video games and comic book series, such as Lollipop Chainsaw and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.

    She got hired by Warner Bros Games and Amazing Arizona as a spokesmodel. She is a very hardworking woman and has achieved so much and is still going for the long run and creating opportunities for herself.

    jessa nigri

     2. Yaya Han:

    Yaya Han is a self-taught costume maker, she discovered this world of cosplaying as a fan at the Anime Expo in 1999. She has been working hard since then, when she could afford only a sewing book and a second-hand sewing machine but now with her dedication and passion, she has established a good business in the cosplay community. She has created over 400 costumes in anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi, and her unique design genres.

    Yaya has played a role in cosplay in gaining acceptance and respect as a form of art in the fandom and art communities, and whose decade-long fight for innovation has aided in raising cosplay to the levels we know today. Yaya continues to lead the way for the popular art and lifestyle known as Costume Play every day. Yaya Han is so talented she could turn a dr pepper jacket into a cosplay costume, she surely would make it look ravishing using her artistic skills and her wisdom of cosplaying costumes.

    Yaya Han


     3. Spiral Cats:

    Cosplaying is not just affiliated with a single person who does that, but also people as a group perform as well as act by transforming themselves. In the culture of groups dancing and singing, South Korea is among the pioneers of it. The Spiral Cats are also a group of girls that do cosplay, the group was formed in 2009 by Tasha and Ren. Clients include Nexon, Neowiz Games, NCSOFT, Blizzard Entertainment, and Riot Games, as well as smaller businesses and mobile game creators. They have amazed their fans through their talented skills at cosplaying.

    Spiral Cats

     4. Lisa Lou Who:

    One talented human being has showcased her love for cosplaying and art in a way not many people have shown. She is a huge game and anime lover, she has received multiple awards and people appreciate her multi-talented work as she shows her love for historical fits which she combines with cosplay getups and she slays in them with her artistic touches.

    She has professionally worked with Aniplex, 2K, Square Enix, Blizzard, the Nerdist, and Sourcefed to bring characters to life and help establish a healthy, positive image of cosplay through marketing and promotion.

    Lisa Lou Who

     5. D-Piddy:

    If you have seen the viral parody video of one of the most famous songs “Gangnam Style” then you know who D-Piddy is. He is famous for his cosplay as Deadpool, he was inspired by the comics and he liked Cable so he bought the comic book ‘Cable and Deadpool’ and since then he never looked back and he took the path of success as an incredible cosplayer of Deadpool and people shared massive memes and GIFs’ and he became more famous as the best Deadpool cosplayer.


     6. Linda Le:

    Her early fame came after some of her cosplays were featured in the showcase book Otacool 2 by the Japanese toy and collectible company Kotobukiya. Her outfits became a worldwide hit after being featured on, her collaborations with Capcom as their official Morrigan and Juri cosplayer, Bandai, DC, many gaming businesses, and most recently on CNN, “24 Hours in the Life of a Worldwide cosplayer.”

    Linda Le

      7. Alodia Gosiengfiao:

    Also known as the ‘Queen of Cosplay’ by her followers, Alodia is also a well-known cosplayer in the Philippines. Her fame has led to appearances on television and in films, commercial endorsements, and concerts. Alodia also had the distinction of being the very first cosplayer to be on the cover of a major Philippine magazine, FHM Philippines. Alodia has been a guest of honor at various international meetings. Alodia has also provided voiceovers for video games and anime programs. IMG Worlds presently manages Alodia.

    Alodia Gosiengfiao

     8. Meagan Marie:

    An incredible resource for the cosplay community, she is the founder of The Causeplay Shop and assists the cosplay community in raising funds for various organizations. She is now working at Crystal Dynamics as the Director of Community. She has a big interest in Lara Croft of Tomb Raider’s character and it’s her favorite as she has played her character time and again.

    Meagan Marie

     9. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais:

    She began modeling but rose to popularity in the cosplay world following the New York Comic-Con in 2010. Marie progressively blossomed into a professional cosplayer, draped in blue latex as Sue Storm, and is today recognized for her distinctive supplies and high-quality cosplays and props. She loved anime and comics as well as video games which makes sense because she started attending conventions and making costumes inspired by these characters. She is and has been inspiring everyone to do great and work hard for their dreams and do whatever they like the most.

    Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

     10. Myrtle Sarrosa:

    If you play P2E (Play 2 Earn) then know that Myrtle Sarrosa is one of the pioneers of this game. She is an actress and a singer also, WatchMojo named her one of the top ten cosplayers in the entire world. She was just named one of the top ten ladies on TikTok for outstanding cosplay transformation videos (March 2022). Myrtle made an impression on anime and cosplay enthusiasts by hosting the most popular Philippine Anime Cable Channel: HeroTV while also becoming one of the founders of cosplay in the Philippines by displaying cosplay on Local Television.

    Myrtle Sarrosa

    Final Thoughts:

    In the cosplay world, these top 10 people have made a significant name, where they have struggled and put their hard work into what they did, this summed up for us that we should also work hard and do what we like and what inspires us and we will surely succeed in whatever we will do, even if you wear a dr pepper jacket if you have the artistic sense and confidence then you can pull it off and can become a cosplay artist for a dr pepper soda.

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